Creating Successful Investment Portfolios
with Life Settlements

Emergent Capital is a global leader in the life settlements industry with decades of experience creating value through the secondary and tertiary markets for life insurance policies.

Life settlements are a unique asset class that can be found in the investment portfolios of well-known investors and successful asset managers. Unlike many other investment classes, life settlements have limited correlation to the stock market or the larger economic market as a whole, and can serve as a hedge against the volatility of more market-dependent investments. Life settlements also represent a compelling and diversified investment opportunity to include longevity risk in a portfolio.

Life insurance is a necessity for millions of Americans, regardless of the current state of the economy. Instead of letting these policies lapse when they are no longer needed, these investments can be sold, usually for a greater return than the surrender value of the policies. Emergent Capital has access to an extensive and proven network of life settlement brokers and third-party providers from whom the company sources attractive and value-added policies.

Emergent Capital, Inc. is a specialty finance company that invests in life settlements. The company purchases individual policies and portfolios of life insurance policies. It manages those assets based on comprehensive actuarial and market data.

Led by a management and investment team that is nimble, market-tested and committed to making sound investment decisions, Emergent Capital provides market leadership to the life settlement industry and a timely investment alternative to investors.

Our Business

Emergent Capital was founded in 2006 as Imperial Holdings, LLC and has been publicly traded since 2011. It began as a specialty finance company providing customized liquidity solutions to owners of illiquid financial assets in two distinct markets — Life Finance and Structured Settlements. The company’s management has a long and successful history in helping to build specialty finance companies which have become leaders in the life and structured settlements businesses.

In the spring of 2015, shareholders voted to change the company’s name to Emergent Capital, Inc. The new name — Emergent Capital — better reflects the company’s leading position as an investor in short and long-term life settlement investments.

A Focus on Life Settlements

Emergent Capital is a global investor in life settlements — an alternative asset class that can provide high uncorrelated returns. As one of the largest global investors in life settlements, the company seeks out accretive opportunities to grow its existing portfolio of life settlements by deploying capital in both the secondary and tertiary life settlement markets.

Emergent Capital has access to an extensive network of life settlement brokers and third-party providers from which the company is able to build diversified life insurance portfolios. An Emergent Capital subsidiary is also able to act as a life settlement provider in 28 states where it is able to pursue multiple opportunities within the life settlement space. By leveraging its extensive network and years of industry experience, Emergent Capital aims to generate a consistent flow of investment opportunities covering all aspects of the life settlements market place. These range from lending to outright purchases of portfolios, to tertiary trades, as well as individual secondary market purchases.



Chief Executive Officer and Chairman
Mr. Curry currently serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of PJC Investments, LLC. Previously, from 1997 to 2003, Mr. Curry served as Executive Vice President and a director of Central Freight Lines, Inc. From 1994 to 1997, Mr. Curry was the President and Chief Executive Officer of Universal Express Limited, LLC. From 1991 to 1993, Mr. Curry served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Lortex, Inc. Prior to these roles, Mr. Curry was also a licensed stock and bond broker for Legg Mason Wood Walker, Inc. and a financial analyst for Hercules Aerospace, Inc. Mr. Curry has previous experience in investing in entities in the life settlement business. Mr. Curry has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from Texas A&M University.


Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
With more than 30 years in the financial services industry, Miriam Martinez is a highly accomplished business leader. She joined Emergent Capital in 2010 as senior vice president, finance and operations. She manages the company’s financial resources and functions, participates in strategic planning and oversees operational departments including human resources and servicing.

Prior to joining Emergent Capital, Ms. Martinez served as regional president and CFO of Qimonda North America and was vice president and CFO of Infineon North America, a $1.5B US subsidiary of German-based Infineon AG. She has also held several senior positions in accounting management for various US entities of Siemens AG.

Ms. Martinez received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Pace University and a Master of Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University. Outside of the office, Ms. Martinez enjoys golf, boating and tennis and is a member of the Junior League of Boca Raton.



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