Creating Successful Investment Portfolios
with Life Settlements

Emergent Capital is a global leader in the life settlements industry with decades of experience creating value through the secondary and tertiary markets for life insurance policies.

Life settlements are a unique asset class that can be found in the investment portfolios of well-known investors and successful asset managers. Unlike many other investment classes, life settlements have limited correlation to the stock market or the larger economic market as a whole, and can serve as a hedge against the volatility of more market-dependent investments. Life settlements also represent a compelling and diversified investment opportunity to include longevity risk in a portfolio.

Life insurance is a necessity for millions of Americans, regardless of the current state of the economy. Instead of letting these policies lapse when they are no longer needed, these investments can be sold, usually for a greater return than the surrender value of the policies. Emergent Capital has access to an extensive and proven network of life settlement brokers and third-party providers from whom the company sources attractive and value-added policies.